The 11 Second Club

Last month I was lucky enough to get first place on "The 11 Second Club"
The animation was created using TVP where the task was to animate a dialogue taken from the movie "Requiem For A Dream"

You can find my entry here:

And many thanks to Dana Boadway for a great 38 min video critique=D

You can download a quicktime-version of my animation (right click save as) over here:

And just to add yet another link, the original scene from "Requiem For A Dream" is found here:

Torghatten, Brønnøysund

Last year a friend of mine wanted me to paint a picture for her mothers birthday.  The painting had to include the mountain from my hometown in Norway called "Torghatten" Likewise it also were to include seagulls and "Fembøring"(a type of boat) wich is also quite common here in Brønnøsynd (at least on older classical paintings from this area)

Multiply - Part two

The awakening! :o


A sketch for the topic "Multiply" at Taw-Monkey.

Glenn Vilppu class

For two Saturdays I was lucky enough to get into Glenn Vilppu's weekend classes here in Viborg.

In general, it was quite difficult for me to draw when there was so many things to think about again.

I do however feel I learned a lot from those two days, and things started to become a little bit more easier and automatic towards the very end. To bad it was for such a short time though, he's such a talented draughtsman and teacher.


1. quick Caricature of a fisherman painting hanging at the wall of the school pub

2. A speed-painting for a weekly drawing activity where the topic was to design a super sized life saving vessel that would rescue humanity if earth was undergoing a distaster.

That Thing From Hong Kong

A drawing for the 2nd weekly drawing activity at school "Taw Monkey"
This weeks title "That Thing From Hong Kong"

Animation Showreel and Portfolio

I put together an Animation Showreel/online portfolio for my 3 month internship after summer. It's going to be updated every now and then since it has a couple of scenes from "The Backwater Gospel" that will be replaced with newer ones (click image to enter)

Life drawing

Paw Charlie Ravn's short film

For the past 3 months I've been at Copenhagen animating on a 7 min Danish short directed by Paw Charlie Ravn at the The National Film School of Denmark.

Here's a preview of some of my animation scenes. (The colours and compositing are not finished in this video)

Paw Charlie Ravn's short film from Arthur Gil Larsen on Vimeo.

(right click and "save as" to download quicktime file)
(64 MB quicktime file. Might take a while to get the movie started)