"Pink Panther hitting a table" rough  done

Here's the finished version. We were still going to
keep it quite rough without any details and so on.
So here it is:

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Here's some rough animation we did on friday.
We're getting a new guest teacher next week where we're going to animate "the pink panther" so we used him as a model for these tests as well.

A very quick "breaking the joints test"

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Rough animation where we're going to animate the panther hitting his hand on a table:

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Here's a new assignment.
Animate a flour sack jumping over a cliff.
Make it look like it's escaping from something. 

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Yet another perspective:
Here's the "finished" flour sack jump:

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Some random poses we did for the "flour sack"

The last hour on friday we started working on
flour sack jump. Here's a rough animation
of it (inbetweens when he lands are missing)
This one will be "finished" on monday morning.

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Moo. More stuff again.

We had exercises in "overlap" in form of a sea weed
and a bouncing ball with a tail:

Watch animation here (or right click "save as" to download)

Watch animation here (or right click "save as" to download) 

More perspective again.

life drawing sketches (30 sec - 3 min poses)
from tonight's evening croquis.

Here's a new bouncing ball exercise we did today.
This time we got to include "squash and stretch" as well.

The task went like this:

-bouning ball comes into the scene.

-it realises it had forgotten something.

-gets out of the scene again top pick up what it forgot.

-comes in again with the missing thing (You decide what it will be)

Right click and "save as" this text
I've finally got my own username and password for the computer at the school, so now I'm able to upload the animation I've been doing for the past two weeks.

Not really that happy with any of them. So for the next couple of weeks I'll be posting crap on this blog. Afterall, thats what I'll learn from!

The last week: "TvCroquis"

This was a fun little exercise I've never tried before. We drew getsture drawings from a movie frame by frame (skipping over a few frames ofcourse) 30 sec used on each drawing.

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This week we had "motion principles"
here's some of the exercises we had.

standard bouncing ball

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Heavy ball

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For the last two school days we animated a frog.
The asignment looked something like this:

-make the frog jump into the scene

-animate a fly

-frog eats fly

-what happens next? (we were free to decide what we wanted to add here)

Frog animation exercise
The animation is quite limited because of time restrictions

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NOTE: if you're unable to watch the video, you need to download quicktime.
You can download it for free here:

for the rest of this week we're having perspective.
So today we just drew alot of cylinders and boxes combined with gesturedrawing.
It's been a while since I've done some getsture drawing^_^

Something I did just for fun ^^

So it has been a bit over a week since I've started the animation workshop in Viborg.
The first week was mostly about construction but we also did a front walkcyle
(24 frames, shot on 1's)
the drawings have allready been captured  out on the linetesert, but since we havent gotten our username and pasword for the pc's at the computerlab yet I have to post pictures of it from now.