Glenn Vilppu class

For two Saturdays I was lucky enough to get into Glenn Vilppu's weekend classes here in Viborg.

In general, it was quite difficult for me to draw when there was so many things to think about again.

I do however feel I learned a lot from those two days, and things started to become a little bit more easier and automatic towards the very end. To bad it was for such a short time though, he's such a talented draughtsman and teacher.


Ramez said...

I had an instructor who was friends with Glenn. I thought that was cool, but getting taught by the man himself is way cooler.
Great studies as well.

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

Thanks Ramez=)
And yes, pretty cool indeed! =D

Nikhita said...

Wow, your sketches are beautiful.. Had to ask you two things:
Do you have a live model to sketch from? And is there a book you could recommend I should use to improve my figure drawing? Did you learn from Micheal Hampton and Walt Stanchfield?

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