ready for rigging

The first school week of modeling is over and it should be more or less ready for the rigging wich is starting tomorrow = o
Didn't end up looking exactly like the painting and lost some appeal because of that.But atleast I learned alot from it^^

The Fist!

We're going to model a 3D character soon, so here is the final character design me and a classmate came up with.

Audrey Hepburn

from the caricature drawing jam activity at

"Dexter Morgan"

Here comes everybody's favourite serial killer:

Some people have asked me how I do theese painted caricatures, so here is a more detailed WorkInProgress "tutorial" thingy:



Here's a caricarture of my sister and her boyfriend

Generic walkcycle

Here's a generic walkcycle we're working on. It's not really complete yet and there was some trouble mirroring the animation over to the other arm so I got just rid of it for now=P


Under The Surface

Title for this weekly drawing activity : "Under The Surface"

Bloody Hogan keys

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