Animation Showreel and Portfolio

I put together an Animation Showreel/online portfolio for my 3 month internship after summer. It's going to be updated every now and then since it has a couple of scenes from "The Backwater Gospel" that will be replaced with newer ones (click image to enter)


Paweł Świerczyński said...

This is brilliant! Could I love your stuff more?! :)

Could you tell how did you make this effect with cross 3d-2d in animation with crows and a priest?! It`s amazing!

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

Thanks Paweł =D
The scenes with the crows and priest are animated in maya. The characters and background don't use any 3D light, so it's all painted in the textures.The animation is also animated on 2s to feel more like 2D or stop motion.

Shrikant said...

very nice i like your showreel

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