Magician Attack

Key-shot concepts

My last post from the Bachelor project for this year at least. The animators are going to Copenhagen for 3 months to animate on different short films before we return back. (I'll be animating on a 2D project)


Colour keys for Backwater Gospel

More concepts

More stuff

from The Backwater Gospel

Some of the shots from the storyboard/animatic(in no particular order)

Concept art

More concept art. I'll also mention that the project went trough a Major name change and is now called "The Backwater Gospel", and not "The Backwater Gospels" 

So the new blog adress is:

More concept art. Backwater gospels

Concept art. Backwater Gospel

At the moment we're starting up with our bachelor film project at school. All together we are 8 people on this team where most of us right now are working on concep art and visual development. More info can be found here (edit: new title)

More sketches


Painted quickies of other artists\forum members

Sketchbook dump

Playblast exam

The guideline: Having pleased man waiting at the bus stop.
After 3 seconds a bird takes a crap on his head. Show the reaction when he discovers the crap, then have him angrily searching the heavens for the source. Use 7 seconds.

Wish I had more seconds to work with for longer pauses or letting something more intresting to happen in the animation.

Menstrual Cycles

Menstrual Cycles

Another dialog scene with the Norman rig

Here's the unrendered version of it. Maybe it's just me (since this is the version im looking at when animating) but the acting and animation felt slightly different when I rendered it out compared to my playblast.

Caricature in a box

Another caricaturist who I decided to draw inside a cute little box.


Here's two celebrities:
I thought this was a tough one.   I had to turn down my first try at it because I coulden't see too much likeness in it. I also wasn't too fond of the first reference image I chose.  Click here for first attempt

I don't really know how famous she is internationaly, but I think mostly only norwegian people are familiar with the artist Marit Larsen. (I don't think we're related)
Also a hard one, because there's hardly any distortions on her features

A friend of mine

Two random caricaturists from