The Overreaction

The task was to animate someone at a busstop or resturant scene, let something happen and show the characters change in emotion.

3x update

Haven't updated this blog since last year now, so I guess it's time to get started again.

Here's an animation exercise from last week. The task was to make someone interact with a box. Didn't have much time to work with it, so an extra day with fixing and polishing would have been -kewl.

Here's something from last year. It's a 20 sec Tv ident for Nicelodeon. I had around one and a half week to do the animation, the rest of the work was done by the danish company KMA

Then a couple of quick sketches I made during the last two months.




(30 sec - 2 min sketches)

(A quickie from Norway when I didn't have acces to the wacom tablet)