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Orc shaman

Daily Spitpaint. Topic: Orc shaman


For Sketch Dailies. Topic: Hellboy

Grizzly Beaver

For Facebook’s Daily Spitpaint (30 min) Topic: Grizzly Beaver

Cowboy Bounty Hunter

Facebooks’s “Daily Spitpaint. Topic: Cowboy Bounty Hunter

The Ultimate Animal

For Facebooks "Super Speedpainting Funtimes" "Combine at least 3 animals)


For #zombie

Happy Tigger Day

For Sketch Dalies  Topic: Happy Tigger Day (International Tiger Day)

True Baseball Fan

For "Daily Spitpaint" on Facebook. Topic: True Baseball Fan.
#True Detective

Creature With Arms Longer Than Legs

For Daily Spitpaint on facebook. Topic: "Creatures with arms longer than legs"

For "Super Speedpainting Funtimes" on Facebook. Topic: Handcannon


   Caricature attempt of Ellen



I drew a tree

Been way too long

    Here's a drawing Eric and Kenny!