Caricature attempt of Ellen



I drew a tree

Been way too long

    Here's a drawing Eric and Kenny!

Already 2013!

Guess It's time to update the blog again. It's been way too long.
The painting above was slightly inspired by my drive in San Fernando Valley outside LA, where I found the movie location for Steven Spielberg's "E.T"

A Facebook cover I for me and my girlfriend. Cuteness overload x 2!

Some quick study at work.Animating a squirrel!

I'll put in some stuff from last year as well. This one was made after my business trip in NYC, Seeing the Empire State building and Statue of Liberty...

And a sleeve-tattoo I drew for my friend so he could take it while he was on his long holiday trip in Brazil!

Small sized dragon concept art

Here's a few concept art sketches of a small dragon I did about half a year ago at The Mill. (Further notes about certain poses here: the dragon was actually supposed to be doing a rap song...)

Bachelor film released!

My bachelor group project "The Backwater Gospel" can now be seen online.

As long as anyone can remember, the coming of the Undertaker has meant the coming of death. Until one day the grim promise fails and tension builds as the God fearing townsfolk of Backwater wait for someone to die.

(WARNING: this film is not suited for minors)
You can find the movie here (or by clicking the poster)

My "Making of The Backwater Gospel" video can be found below


Birthday greeting

Started my first CG-painting this year with a birthday greeting to my mum. 100% chance of Karaoke night if her Filipino friends are invited!

Update =o

Guess it's been a while! Had a great internship in London working mostly on the game cinematics for the new FPS game "Brink" and also animated on a bunch of commercial work. Just recently graduated and is now all finished with my bachelor in animation in Denmark where my bachelor movie "The Backwater Gospel" premiered at the cinema! (It can be seen online soon)

I have to wait a bit before I can post the animation and concept art I did at The Mill. So meanwhile I'll just fill up the rest of this post by dumping out the few scribbles I did while I was there..


The 11 Second Club

Last month I was lucky enough to get first place on "The 11 Second Club"
The animation was created using TVP where the task was to animate a dialogue taken from the movie "Requiem For A Dream"

You can find my entry here:

And many thanks to Dana Boadway for a great 38 min video critique=D

You can download a quicktime-version of my animation (right click save as) over here:

And just to add yet another link, the original scene from "Requiem For A Dream" is found here:

Torghatten, Brønnøysund

Last year a friend of mine wanted me to paint a picture for her mothers birthday.  The painting had to include the mountain from my hometown in Norway called "Torghatten" Likewise it also were to include seagulls and "Fembøring"(a type of boat) wich is also quite common here in Brønnøsynd (at least on older classical paintings from this area)

Multiply - Part two

The awakening! :o