Playblast exam

The guideline: Having pleased man waiting at the bus stop.
After 3 seconds a bird takes a crap on his head. Show the reaction when he discovers the crap, then have him angrily searching the heavens for the source. Use 7 seconds.

Wish I had more seconds to work with for longer pauses or letting something more intresting to happen in the animation.


Chris Day said...

hey comlock,

great work, but i have to say that i do prefer your hand drawn animations best. they seem to have more life in them. please dont ever stop doing them.

Tooninator said...

this is good, but 7 seconds definitely hinders it.

Pradeep Singh Bal said...

Looks good .. but i do agree with CHRIS DAY .. even I am a fan of your Hand Drawn Fluid moves. I feel ,try forward bend inplace of Squashed anticipation in spine .

Trent Correy said...

Nice blog! Some of your animation is really cool. Def be coming back!

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