Caricature in a box

Another caricaturist who I decided to draw inside a cute little box.


Ramez said...

Noice new blog template, and awesome caricatures. On an unrelated note have you seen the Danish poet?
I saw it on the sundance channel the other day and thought about ya.
(its even on youtube

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

=)Thanks Ramez. I also changed the design on my webpage, wich I think turned out beein too pink. So I'll do some adjustments to it when I get the time.

yepp, I seen the Danish Poet=)
Found out about it when Norway won the Oscar for it last year.
I like the way she simplified that boat going from Denmark-Norway and the people on it (alcoholics). It's very true ^_^

Art Fan Ako said...

Nice drawing and good idea!

Kamal said...

haha...nice to see me here! lovely paintings.

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