Finished digital 2d animation

This wasen't done at school, but since it's animation related I'll might as well post it here.
Ever since I've gotten the Cintiq I never got the chance to do a finished animation test. But here's one.

Animated in Plastic Animation Paper
Cleanup, colour and shadow masking in Flash:
Background and other effects: Photoshop

Finished animation

Click to watch or right click "save as" (quicktime)

Work in progress animation

 Click to watch or right click "save as" (quicktime)




Ramez said...

bloody hell arthur, that finished piece is absolutely amazing. The colors and movement!1!1!!. You've got to explain how you rendered it. Great job man.

Andy J. Latham said...

Really amazing animation Arthur, although the final painted version isn't working. If you can fix it, I'd love to see it!

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

Thanks for the comments you two=D
Ramez: The background was all done in photoshop. The cleanup and colours were done in flash. During the cleanup in flash I was mostly zoomed in on 800% drawing with the brushtool with soomthness on 30%.
That way I could draw with some repeating brushtrokes so it looked a bit more like a traditional pencil drawing.

Andy: ah, you're right. The link is fixed now =D

David Nethery said...

Very good .

I've always wanted to play around with Plastic Animation Paper more ,but the Mac beta version acts very buggy on my Macbook with OS 10.5. If they ever get the Mac version out of beta I'd like to try it some more.

flashcartoons said...

don't ever stop 2d com!

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

David Nethery: thanks=)
ah, So that's why your working so much with TVpaint=) I havent really gotten time to try it out that much yet. Looking at your blog I really would like to get more into tvpaint. Awesome sketches and cleanups!

Are you crazy! ^_^ of course I won't

Tooninator said...

phenomenal dude. You've got skills.

Aberrant Dreams said...

That's an awesome animation. The colors of the background and the movement of the characters work together fantastically.

Magnus Møller said...

Digger denne Arthur! Veldig artig å gå igjennom frame by frame. Superkule breakdowns.

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

Thanks and tusen takk for the comments folks =D

Paweł Ś. said...

I just HAVE TO say how much I love it! I'm just scrollin the QT timeline and watchin every singe frame of your animation. And I'm laughin to myself, it so great:) And it's a pity that some of those poses are 1 frame only:) One of my favs is the one with the arm around the neck, when he's goin to take the flower:)

Once again - amazing work! :)

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