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Well, here's the last traditional animation you'll see from me in a looong time^_^
Next week this will be reviewed (this was our exam) and then it's summer vacation. After that the semester will be focused on 3D.

animation from this week:

FINISHED.Click to watch or right click "save as"'

I think it feels too fast in many places. Not enough room for settles and "thinking time" for the character. I originaly wanted the "tippy toe" walking to be more slow and "carefull" But it was to long to fit inside the 120 frame limit we were given.
Oh well, the timing could have been alot better but atleast it moves in a cool way =P ^_^

Here's an earlier version:

EARLY STAGE.Click to watch or right click "save as"'


David Childers said...

Wow Great stuff Arthur! Was this done in Plastic animation paper or regular pencil on paper?

Lorraine said...

awsome work here. Loved your cat sketches especially!

C.B. Canga said...

nice. reminds me a bit of the mice from the rescuers.

Jason Seiler said...

Fantastic work! Love your sketches!

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

David Childers:
This one was done with regular pencil on paper. So that's why I'm probably not gonna make that type of stuff in a while because we're having 3d in school after summer. Probably will try out some 2d animation in PAP in my sparetime though.

Thanks for the comments=D

C.B. canga:
=D true, thats because it is the mouse from the rescuers=)
We had him as the modelsheet.

Jason Seiler:
Holy crap, thanks! Means alot coming from you!!
I'm a huge fan of your stuff!=D

EL GRANDE said...
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EL GRANDE said...


Andy J. Latham said...

You've been tagged! Lucky You!

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