Colour keys for Backwater Gospel

More concepts


Nubian Greene said...

that second one is awesome dood!!

colour keys are great!

time to add you to my blog list!

Andy J. Latham said...

These are fantastic! Arthur, can you explain colour keys a little please? I understand from your key that you pick a pallette for each sequence of your film and have a gradual change from the colours at the start of the film to the colours at the end. The thing I'm curious about is how you use your chosen colours in a particular scene. Do you limit yourself to ONLY those colours, or do you just make sure that the majority of colour is from that particular sequence's pallette?

Thanks a lot :)

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

Thanks for the comments=D
Andy: I make the images first, then at the end I make the palette just to have an overview of some of the colours that are used. So I don't really use the palette as a tool/limit myself to the palette. (not that it's wrong to do it the other way. I just find it harder)
in my paintings I'll let the the light and shadow choose the colour of the scene. And that way the different objects in the scene stay within a certain colour range because it's mixed in with the colour of the light and shadow.

Anonymous said...

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Tooninator said...

The concepts for this film look killer, man. Really top notch work

Andy J. Latham said...

Thanks for explaining Arthur. I'm very surprised that the colour keys were done after the images because there seems to be a gradual progression of colour from the first scenes to the final ones. It looks well planned to me! Maybe you just planned it subconsciously lol

Minh Nguyen said...

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