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Here's my entry for the Steampunk competition at

Here's the story behind it:

This image tells the steampunk version of the battle between two creatures from Greek mythology. Pegasus, the flying horse with wings. And Chimera, a monster equipped with the head of a lion, goat and a dragon. According to the legends Chimera was defeated by Pegasus, but I wanted this image to show a more dramatic moment where Pegasus who is usually assumed with flying and grace is now pushed down the image with all it's weight, while Chimera is the superior one placed higher above in the middle of the attack.

as a little side story I wanted to include the "sad/fun" situation on the poor steam punk Edderchoppers "spiders". Machines manufactured with a constant "smile" where their main task consists of pulling carried. Smiley faces were made on them to make them appear as friendly and to make people happy, even though the majority complained that they were rather creepy looking instead. Numerous of Edderchoppers are getting destroyed during the battle. They are all terrified and overwhelm by agony. But from the look on their face, they seem to be doing just fine! =)

To see my process, thumbnails and other ideas before I ended up with the finished image, click here


Ramez said...

Great work bro. Loves the sketch dump too. (the bloody batman one is the greatest).

Mariana Moreno said...

Hey! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your nice comment!

You're such an awesome artist!! Congratulations!
Happy New Year! :D

Johanne Andresen said...

Halleluja da, Arthur. Du er så steike god. Burde egentlig ha krevd opplæring av deg da jeg var i viborg. Jaja, får ta det neste gang.

Kjempebra :D

Oscar González Loyo said...

GREAT BLOG!!!!!! Greetings from México!

Arthur Gil Larsen said...

Thanks for the comments y'all =)
jepp, for ta det neste gang Johanne ^_^

Will Appledorn said...

wow this is really great, steam punk is always fun.
envy artists that can put so much stuff in one image and still make it work.

interesting to see the whole process too. really inspiring stuff.

Peter Berkovski said...

amazing work Arthur, very impressed!
Keep up the good work

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