On monday we got 1.5 days to do construction animation.
We're starting with a skeleton yawning with some musclegroups attached, later we take a new piece of paper on top cover the whole thing with flesh.
So the overall look of the finished fleshed out human character would look quite strange. But hey, atleast it was constructed from the inside out ^^

I guess it just has to be taken for granted not to end up with any fancy nice looking animation or apealing characterdesign doing this assignment.
We weren't alowed to do cartoony overexaggurated yawn either.

1.Skeleton. key frames

Click to watch or right click "save as"

2.Skeleton and flesh on top. key frames.
I changed the parts of the fleshy character on top, so it doesn't follow the bones 100%

Click to watch or right click "save as"

3. Flesh only. key frames, breakdowns and some inbetweens..

Click to watch or right click "save as"


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