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Well, Friday is here, and it's the end of this exercise. On Monday will get a new animation task with Goofy.

I added breakdowns and some inbetweens. Still missing the ears and other extra clothing thingies.


Lars said...

Hey man
Didn't know you had a blog! Looks really cool... and you even linked me!!! Cheers:-)
I'll add you to my list as well:-)
See ya around

Todd Shmetter said...

Hey, Just saw your sketchbook on the animationforum and i had to add you here on blogspot, i dont talk to many animators on here.

Regarding your goofy animation i love the animation its all very nice and matches the character as you would hope, perfectly.
I think you might have over-emphasised the weight of the ball at the times when he actually lifts it, but the emphasis works well regardless. I assume you only had a very short amount of time to animate it anyway so alterations are impossible.

what school do you attend? im at a school in the uk at the moment but were certainly not churning out as much animation as you.

I suppose our course is less animation orientated, we spend long times designing characters aswell.... we are rarely given model sheets of other characters.

I love what youre doing tho man i look forward to watching your blog =]

(sorry if you werent looking for any kind of critique =/)

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