Here's my animation from this week (not really finished though)
Mostly just keys and breakdowns:

Click to watch or right click "save as"

It would be great if I just got 1 more day to add in all the inbetweens to smooth out all the motion and easing stuff in and out.

On Monday, we had 2 hours to come up with a psynopsis for our story for the theme "circus", draw storyboard,charactersheet and modelsheet.
(it had to follow the Anticipation - action - reaction rule, and we had make a character with two feet)
On Tuesday we did all the thumbnail drawings and animated the storytelling poses.
And the following 3 days left we had to finish the actual animation. It was really hectic week but I had a really fun time as well^^



The Daily Crumb said...

im downloading it now, it looks amazing

Espen_os said...
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Espen Sætervik said...

God how much i laughed when the panda fell to the ground! its something really humors about it!

flashcartoons said...

very cool com!!!

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